Why Read a Blogger?

Do you really think that the next Mark Twain is sitting behind the desk of some smalltown USA newspaper? Do you really think that the ‘best and the brightest’ that our society produces are willing to work for years writing obituaries before getting their big chance to reveal the next Monicagate?



Some of the most brilliant people I encounter  live their lives working 9 to 5 at other jobs. No doubt brilliant in their other careers, but when they come home from work, instead of popping a beer and putting on some inane nonsense  from one of the 500 channels on the remote, they attack the keyboard with a vengeance.

In the past year almost 50,000 folks visited me. Small numbers in the grand scheme of the intrawebs. Hopefully, you laughed and went about your day. Some of you cut and pasted what I wrote and posted it elsewhere, or e-mailed a link to a friend. You almost universally ignored the minor plea to shoot a few bucks my way via Paypal. But, I’ll get over that. But what I won’t forgive or forget, is if you don’t read the link, here. I have read most of the master writers of the past 400 years. Most dead. This is a chance to read a current anonymous master at his occasional diversion as he takes on contemporary journalism using their own tactics.

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