Random *whistling* Thoughts On Names

Just what is the brouhaha all about? This?

The boy’s name Hussein \hu(s)-sein\ is pronounced hoo-SAYN. It is of Arabic origin, and its meaning is “good; small handsome one”. The name of a prominent person in Shiite Islam and a royal name in Jordan. source

Michelle Obama says that we should ignore the obvious:

“They threw in the obvious, ultimate fear bomb,” Obama said today of her husband’s 2004 Senate race.

“We’re even hearing [that] now. … ‘When all else fails, be afraid of his name, and what that could stand for, because it’s different.'”

The senator’s wife said that rivals use innuendo* to play on fears. “Just as they’re saying it now,” she said. source

The candidate himself has previously broached the topic of his name:

Speaking to an elderly Jewish audience during his 2004 campaign for U.S. Senate, Obama linked the linguistic root of his East African first name Barack to the Hebrew word baruch, meaning “blessed.” source

With a slight change in spelling it becomes Jewish, with another slight change to ‘Barraq’ it becomes Muslim and means “shining.”

* Innuendo

in·nu·en·do /ˌɪnyuˈɛndoʊ/ Pronunciation Key – Show Spelled Pronunciation[in-yoo-en-doh] Pronunciation Key – Show IPA Pronunciation
–noun, plural -dos, -does.

1. an indirect intimation about a person or thing, esp. of a disparaging or a derogatory nature.

Of course, to some, we should “pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.”


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