OSHA Logo Examined

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Anything strange about the new logo for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration? Source/Link for PDF file, here.

Here are some clues:

First row: Algeria, Azerbaijani Republic, Malaysia, Maldives

Middle row: Republic of Singapore,Tunisia, Turkey,Turkmenistan

Bottom row: Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Comoros, Islamic Republic of Mauritania, Uzbekistan


The Arab League

Islamic Conference

Islamic Crescent on a logo for a Federal Government Agency?

Not one, but three of them. To celebrate the World Trade Center, Pentagon, and Flight 93? Bastids.

From Wiki:

Despite this mixed history, many Islamic nations and charities use the crescent symbol on their flags or logos (e.g. Pakistan, The Red Crescent, etc. — though currently none of the Arab states in Arabia or the Mashreq have crescents on their flags). In this manner it could be argued that its modern usage is meant to signify identity and, for devout Muslims, brotherhood.

Hat tip: Mandy Manners

Disclaimer: The use of the OSHA logo in this article is for purposes of discussion and criticism. The reader should not infer any endorsement or approval by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. (Or approval of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration by the author!)

6 Responses to “OSHA Logo Examined”

  1. angryxtian Says:

    Buncha stupid librals.

  2. ChenZhen Says:

    Um, with all due respect EC, you guys really need to get a handle on all the crescent hysteria. First it was the various 9/11 memorials and now the OSHA logo? Shouldn’t you just step back and think that you’re being a bit ridiculous? I mean, what goes through your head when you see a waxing crescent in the sky? Is God sending you a subliminal message to submit to Islam?

  3. charleston Says:

    camera lens?

  4. person Says:

    Ooou (waves arms frantically). Looking way too into things. Seriously.

  5. OSHA observer Says:

    This logo has been used since the Bush administration

  6. Anonymous Says:

    The logo was in use before the Bush administration.

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