Say “Uncle” Barry

Presidential candidate Barack Obama on Memorial Day 2008:

Uh … I had a … uncle who was one of the … uh … who was part of … the first American troops to go into Auschwitz, and liberate the concentration camps. And the story in our family was is that when he came home, he just went up into the … into the attic, and he didn’t leave the house for six months.


A little fact checking is in order. First, Auschwitz was liberated by the Red (Russian) Army, as it was located in Poland. Second, in a speech in 2002 Barack said this about his grandfather:

My grandfather signed up for a war the day after Pearl Harbor was bombed, fought in Patton’s army. He saw the dead and dying across the fields of Europe; he heard the stories of fellow troops who first entered Auschwitz and Treblinka. He fought in the name of a larger freedom, part of that arsenal of democracy that triumphed over evil, and he did not fight in vain. I don’t oppose all wars. link

Uncle or Grandfather, or both? Neither  Auschwitz or Treblinka were liberated by American troops. This is pure unadulterated bullshit on the part of a candidate for the highest office in our country. The Main Stream Media of this country should be ashamed for not challenging his memories and “facts.”

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