Photo Op Gone Wrong

In another sign of how completely clueless he is, Barack Obama went for a ride on his bicycle today in jeans, in 80 degree heat, with a flat tire.

(Click for larger image)

3 Responses to “Photo Op Gone Wrong”

  1. ChenZhen Says:

    Hey, he’s probably trying to set an example you know. I rode my bike to get lunch today. It’s good exercise and it certainly saves on gas.

  2. paleo Says:

    I ride my bike, too. Seven mile clips in the hills and valleys of my state. I keep the tires inflated, wear a non-geeky helmet, and when the temperature gets above 70 degrees wear a pair of shorts. This was a photo-op. Obama needs to ask John Kerry and Mike Dukacus(sp?) the danger in photo-ops gone bad. Anyone that bowls a 37 needs to be aware that people are watching.

  3. ChenZhen Says:

    You honestly think the picture is that embarrassing?

    I don’t think people looking at the picture would be able to determine the outside temp, and bike tires tend to flatten out a bit when you ride them. jeez

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