Where’s The Seal?

(Click for larger image)

Where is the official seal in the Daily Kos “Certification of Live Birth” which was provided by the Obama campaign?


2 Responses to “Where’s The Seal?”

  1. mama winger Says:

    Hey EC !

    I’ve been looking for you, then I remembered you have a blog , and here I am!

    Can you shoot me an email sometime, at your convenience? I have a Cafe Press question to ask you. I know you are the Master of all things graphic 🙂

  2. MajorPribluda Says:

    Well, now that you have the throb all set up, it looks like the borders were poorly faked. Perhaps the sample is like this as well, and it’s just a poor job of designing the form. But in this picture of yours, we can’t see the same level of details in the sample as we can in Obama’s.
    Do you see where the straight lines run through the decorative border, making it look like a poor paste job? I just can’t believe that the State of Hawaii would use such a cheap form–the whole purpose of those borders and backgrounds is to be difficult to duplicate.

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