Mystery Solved?

A Qantas airline 747-400 which recently was forced to make an emergency landing in Manila may possibly have had an oxygen cylinder explode in-flight. When I initially looked at close up pictures of the area of the plane that had blown off in flight I noticed (areas in red boxes) evidence of an explosion forcing out through the planes structure from inside:

From Australia:

US authorities ordered airlines to check on-board oxygen cylinders just months before a huge hole was torn in a Qantas jumbo jet in mid-air, nearly causing a disaster.

Officials said an oxygen back-up cylinder is missing from the aircraft, and have ordered Qantas to inspect all such bottles on its fleet of Boeing 747s.

One Response to “Mystery Solved?”

  1. Paxnhymn Says:

    sorry my friend. what you have highlighted in red is not evidence of an explosion; it is evidence of stressed metal to the point of sheering; also those to points are aggravated by what appears to be the metal extrusion between the ponts moving under gale force wind friction. This “blast” make had all of the earmarks of a projectile like the truncated neck of an O2 cylinder/cannister or catastrophic weld failure of the same.

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