Islamic Fundamentalism Concern Shared With Putin in Spring 2001

Came across something interesting last night. A little background; President George Bush met Putin in spring of 2001:

It now holds little of the warmth displayed after their first meeting in early 2001, when Mr. Bush said he had “looked the man in the eye” and gained “a sense of his soul.” (1)

This is pre-9/11 mind you. In Peggy Noonans book on Ronald Reagan, “When Character Was King” she interviews Bush in the Oval Office in spring 2001. Pre-9/11 once again;

But Mr. Bush also talked about his famous meeting with Vladimir Putin and the criticism of the President’s over-the-top enthusiasm for his new soulmate, the K.G.B. thug. Mr. Bush defended himself: “I have pretty good instincts,” he told Ms. Noonan, “and I found a man who realizes his future lies with the West, not the East, that we share common security concerns, primarily Islamic fundamentalism.” (2)

To those that may think that the recognition of the independent islamic state of Kosovo as unrelated to the Russian invasion of Georgia, please note this little detail.

(1)…us/ 01putin.html

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