“My Muslim Faith” Obama

In a possible slip of the tongue sure to throw fuel on the firestorm of accusations that Barack Obama has never abandoned the faith that he was born into, in response to a question on his faith by George Stephanopoulos on ABC this morning, Obama actually said, “questions about my Muslim faith…”.

George quickly corrected him by saying, “you mean my Christian faith…”

Obama….”uh, yes, my Christian faith…”.

Glad he’s keeping that straight. I’m sure the YouTube video will show up in minutes. I’ll keep an eye out for it.
Here it is…

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35 Responses to ““My Muslim Faith” Obama”

  1. Rod Says:

    Wow you cut him off in midsentence. good job of lying boys here’s the rest of the sentence.

    Obama: ” my Christian faith, well what I’m saying is
    he hasn’t suggested that I’m a muslim, and I think that
    his campaign upper echalons haven’t done it either.
    What I think is fair to say, is that coming out of
    the Republican camp, there have been efforts to,
    suggest that perhaps I’m not, uh, who I say I am
    when it comes to my faith?

  2. Peg Says:

    Personally, I think it’s hard to imagine that many Christians would accidentally confuse misspeak and confuse their Christian faith with Muslim faith in the same situation. Where is the lie, Rod? This just reports what the man said–Freudian slip or mere mistake? It will be interrupted differently by many, I’m sure.

  3. LHEGA Says:

    I saw it an it did strick me as strange. I would never say anything else for my faith but what it actually is… just an observation.

  4. LHEGA Says:


  5. AdrianS Says:

    This is an eloquent speaker. This is a thoughtful man. Obama the “One” is now Obama “the LOST!”

    All that matters is that he subconsciously is tracking so many lies — he was bound to slip and fall. Liars never prosper.

    I will always remember Obama SAYING HIMSELF: “My Muslim Faith.”

    Barack Obama, as Barry Soetoro, was raised a Muslim, registered at a Catholic school as a Muslim, lived in a household and community that was Muslim, enculturated as a Muslim in social and religious activities, raised by relatives that were all devout Muslims. Barack Obama is Muslim.

    Learn more about Obama’s past and the danger he represents:

    Down with Barack Obama. Long live America!

  6. Scott Says:

    I watched it live and almost dropped my coffee. It was such a Freudian slip. Sad thing is, being Muslim doesnt disqualify you for being President. Lying about it because you think it will does though.

    I immediately told my wife about it – thinking it would be an issue. Then when I jumped online this afternoon googled a few words and was directed to countless pages such as this discussing it.

    He’s done.

  7. Ray Says:

    This was not a Freudian slip! He is a Muslim! What else is he not telling the American people? Was he groomed all these years to be another Muslim who would facilitate another attack on American?

  8. Judy Says:

    How lucky Obama is to have George S. as the interviewer to correct his mistakes. How disgusting…..truth will out!

  9. Brendan Steinhauser Says:

    Who is the REAL Barack Obama?

    Check out this new book on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Who-REAL-Barack-Obama-generation/dp/1438906056/ref=sr_1_14?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1220901215&sr=1-14

  10. Magi Says:

    Who cares what religion he is. You idiots are stuck in the middle ages. This nation is full of bigots.

  11. Stick figure Says:

    Magi, I think your missing the point… the question here is wether or not he’s LYING about his faith not what his faith may be. What I think is disturbing is how the You Tube video has been removed. And how it’s percieved by the far left that the right is dishonest, deceptive, racist, and people make false accusations and photoshop pictures to try and destroy a person. But if anyone fom the elitist liberal blatantly lies, has something from their past, or makes inflammatory comments, it’s a “slip of the tounge”, a “republican smear tactic”, or is forgiven has being an average human being who makes a mistake

  12. msjmommavillain Says:

    what the hell is wrong with you all he did not come off as any such thing. He is one great man! who is soon to be president and you need to get use to it change is coming so get ready for it and he is the peoples choice., no matter what lie you all tell I was watching the same show sunday and I saw him and he spoke well and he spoke the truth. he is a chirstian. If every child had control over where there parents sent them to school then some of you would be in a hell of a fix because as a child you do not make all the right choices that is why you have parents. Many childern change faith from where they were raise not to mention marry of a whole different faith and many parents are not happy with it. So he became a chirstian after growing up. he is worthy of becoming my president

  13. Karen Says:

    No matter what he said or what he meant, it leaves me with some serious doubts. I thought it would be wonderful to have our first black President. It’s time. But now I know what I will be thinking when I enter the polling booth: Which one of these men will I feel safe with for the next four years?

  14. Karen Says:

    And just as a postscript to my last email…I noticed the date and thought “How appropriate to be wondering about my, and my country’s, safety on this date.”

  15. JR Says:

    He is a good man, but can he run our country when he even don’t know his own faith and had to be corrected.

    Luke 6:45
    The good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and the evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For out of the overflow of his heart his mouth speaks

  16. B-ri Says:

    Who cares whether he is christian or Muslim, he is gonna make a good president either way.

  17. Michael Says:

    HAHA its the manchurian candidate! such a great movie…

  18. rich Says:

    always thought he was a scarfhead. didn’t know their was 57 states eather.

  19. B Says:

    Idiots! The same people that think American Idol is not Karoke!

    Obama is not a great man, he has never done anything noteworthy….

    The Left thinks that people that want to keep the money that they work for are evil and the Right just thinks that the Left doesn’t understand the real world. (Too busy riding Unicorns and yelling something about Mother Russia!).

    Obama is a liar and so is just about every other elected official – the real battle is with the issues.

    Or rather the LOBBYIST – the real people that run this country! Get off your hindparts and VOTE!

  20. ERT Says:

    Personally I do not know how any true American citizen can vote for a man with the name Obama who was born a Muslim, regardless of whether or not he was converted to Christianity. This will send the wrong message to the rest of the world, especially the Muslim nations in the Middle East. It’s not like we don’t have a choice. We have a true American hero who would have given his life for this country (and almost did) running on the Republican ticket with a woman who is an inspiration to all women in this country. She is a model wife and mother, as well as a capable leader, who is willing to devote her time to her nation. Her experience as a leader in Alaska tells me that she has not been poisoned by the politicians in Washington. John McCain has stood up to the other legislators (even fellow republicans) on many occasions when he knew that they were wrong. He has always placed the good of this country ahead of politics; he surely did not need a job when he returned from Vietnam. John McCain most definitely went to Washington to serve this country because he obviously doesn’t need the money. I am neither republican nor democrat. I consider myself independent, so I vote for the person(s) and not the party. Also, I am not against a black person being president or vice-president, but I am definitely against a Muslim or anyone who has ever been a Muslim holding the highest office in this country. By the way, Obama is half white. I have also read that he has dual citizenship – American and Kenyan -which would disqualify him. There is also information on the internet that states a lawsuit has been filed in Pennsylvania which states that he was actually born in Kenya, not Hawaii. Someone needs to clarify this information.

  21. Toni Says:

    Just remember his name is Barack Hussein Obama. Don’t forget Hussein. If you have not read his book that he published then you should. It will give you some real insight on who the man really is.

    My son has fought for this country and so has many others, for a mother that is the hardest thing to do so if you have a son or daughter in the service you really need to get on your face before the Lord and let Jesus speak to your heart about the leadership of this country.

  22. Janice Says:

    I didn’t hear this particular interview on TV, but I did hear him say virtually the same “Freudian slip” when he was interviewed by Bill O’Reilly on The O’Reilly Factor. That interview was split up and aired over 4 or 5 nights at the end and just after the Republican convention.

  23. Jewel Says:

    I think he is a “sleeper” and will cause the final destructive blow to this great country if we do not stop him now. He is not Afro-American, Barack and Hussein are not Afro-names, but Arabic, Muslin. Take care which way you vote, America.

  24. MARY ASTON Says:

    I will not be voting for O’Bama! Thank you

  25. RICHARD Says:


  26. Robin Says:

    Please forget about race and religion as reasons to cast a vote for anyone. Listen to what each candidate has to say during the upcoming debates and then make an informed choice in November. We need to focus on the economy, our military, immigration, health care and our place in this world as a nation. You must also consider your views on issues coming before the Supreme Court in the not too distant future. Whoever is elected will certainly be called upon to replace a couple of very important positions there. God bless us all! We’re going to need all of the help we can get.

  27. Dawn Says:

    ERT: Sarah Palin is an “inspiration to all women in this country”? Seriously? You must not be a woman, to believe that some chick with very little education who:

    lies about her record as governor

    threatened to fire a librarian for not banning books (this is called censorship – *most* Americans are against it)

    thinks teens don’t deserve to know how to prevent pregnancy, in the not-so-rare event they should decide to have sex (and boy, we’ve seen how that plan has worked out in her own family, haven’t we?)

    and who believes that rape victims should be forced under threat of criminal prosecution to carry those pregnancies to term

    is an inspiration to all women. Really, get a clue. As a rape victim who was extremely glad for emergency contraception handed out in the ER (this is referred to as “abortive contraceptive”), I can assure you that Sarah Palin is *not* a hero or inspiration to me.

    Besides, how can anyone honestly take a former beauty pageant contestant seriously? Beauty pageants are a joke where women prance around in bikinis and play instruments (sometimes badly) in order to be judged the prettiest. How anyone can take a pageant queen seriously is beyond me. How pathetic.

  28. Dawn Says:

    Everyone who believes terrorism comes only from Muslims most certainly has a short memory. Does anyone here, aside from me, even know who committed the second deadliest act of terrorism on American soil? Let me fill you in – it was Timothy McVeigh. He was not a Muslim. He was raised Catholic. According to some of you, that should mean he still *was* Catholic, since you seem unable to accept the idea that an individual can choose new religious beliefs once they reach adulthood.

    I see nothing at all “Freudian” about this slip. He was talking about being accused of being a Muslim by some, while also talking about how his Christian faith hadn’t been questioned by McCain. Seems simple enough, if you aren’t a conspiracy theorist looking for any reason at all to believe Obama is a Muslim and therefore unqualified to be President. The founding fathers, in all their wisdom, did *not* see fit to have a religion requirement for the President. I find it disturbing that so many Americans are searching for a conspiracy, convinced that Obama is an undercover terrorist sent to….do what, exactly? lol Set the military against us all? Let the jihadists loose and expect us not to fight back? Honestly, it’s all so absurd that it’s hard for the more rational of us (the ones who think this lunatic conspiracy nonsense IS nonsense) to even comprehend.

    My husband proudly serves in the Air Force and I can assure you he is not going to be voting for John McCain. Especially not because of some lunatic fear that Obama is a Muslim intent on a one man takeover of the country. (Actually, I think that was Bush’s goal as president…)

  29. Cindy Says:

    Look what he has done for Chicago. Look at the crime stats or any stats. If he couldnt save a city what makes you think he could change the world? Do I think he is a Muslin? No. Do I think he is a Christian? No. He is a pure plastic. In his 47 years what has he done to change anything? Has he been holding back for this moment? Change or do you really mean chance.

  30. Sam C Says:

    The true faith of Obama and his character is starting to come out in the open. The following is a message for christians who will cast their votes for Obama: Obama will be a leader who will take matters into his own hands, he will be a leader who will rationalized his wrong behavior by putting the blame on others, he will be a leader who will mislead the people. Presently, he is doing a great job in misleading many. If we vote him in then we will have to face the consequences that comes with this type of leadership.

    The above in based on my opinion.


  31. Susan Says:

    Barack Obama should be president if the people of this country are ready for the destruction of this nation. We are already in the 3rd and 4th cycles of discipline. The Lord will allow us to destroy ourselves if we don’t get back to the principles our country was founded on. Obama doesn’t have a clue what those principles are. So people, make your choice, to survive or be eventually destroyed.

  32. D Says:

    What many do not know is that you can become a Muslim and consider yourself a Christian (although you cannot become a New Testament Christian first and then consider yourself a Muslim). In other words, as Arafat explained it, to be a good Muslim, you must first be a good Jew (as the Quran defines Judaism), then you must be a good Christian (as the Quran defines Christianity), and only then may you become a good Muslim. That is, a Muslim believes himself to be a correct follower of Jesus Christ, because the Quran correctly defines Christ’s message whereas the New Testament distorts it. Obama, therefore, could see himself as a Christian within the tradition of Islam. However, I believe he has said elsewhere that he is not a Muslim. For the conspiracy theorists, it is allowed by the Quran for a Muslim to break an oath with, or lie to, non-Muslims. If I could read into a soul, I’d say Obama is not particularly religious but that he believes God would smile upon those who help the oppressed. He’s an affirmative action man at heart.

  33. paleo Says:

    Sorry, but I disagree. If Obama professes to being a Christian, attends the United Church of Christ for 20 years, yet had a Muslim father, then he is both a Christian and an apostate from Islam. Which might explain his confusion in this video. He knows the truth, but refuses to share that truth with the American people. Neither Muslims or Christians should be happy with that fence-sitting posture. I don’t have an issue with either religion he chooses, but his lack of honesty prevents me from voting for him.
    Perhaps someone should ask Barack if he believes Jesus Christ died on the cross? That would settle it, wouldn’t it? It doesn’t appear that anyone has ever directly asked him that question.

  34. Laura Says:

    These television presentations are given to form opinions in your mind as a voter. Few people know all or see all when it comes to actual events. Most of what we know as American voters are perceptions honed by publicized communication. Each item typically has an agenda for key points. Now, that the religion of a candidate changes that perception in our collective minds, must be based on an intrinsic value we hold as Americans. George Bush was associated with the Christian Evangelical Faith, and both sides used that item to sway your/our thoughts. Some swung to the side of allie, others saw conspiracy. This is not a new dynamic. I know people of Muslim faith and they are not terrorists. For Christians who study, God is in all people; Isaac and Ishmael had the same Father in Abraham. But just like the gates of Heaven have twelve to choose from, each with a different, valid perspective, all are accessable as an entrance. Discussion of these ideas is good and relevant to the decision-making process unique to each individual. As Christians we are here to serve and help where we can. Our mission, then, is made ‘easier’ if that is possible, with like-minded people. But tred carefully when we all think too much alike in our thinking and stop asking questions. Know that in the end, God is the facilitator of all things. He has written about the character of the ‘false leader’ in the last days, and those characteristics are unmistakable, ‘…he will be like an angel of light, speaking lies…’ Remember the United States will be the mimic that ‘follows after the beast’ without question. It is something to think about and know that we are preserved, come what may, through every evil that will befall each of us. What more foreknowledge does any doubter need than to know we are protected, even through the ‘sting of death?’

  35. liamascorcaigh Says:

    The most striking thing about Obama’s utterance here is that it makes no sense when viewed as a slip of the tongue. If you ignore for a moment that he said “muslim” and just accept that he had meant to say “Christian” instead – the very definition of a slip of the tongue – that just doesn’t make sense in the context. A statement such as “McCain hasn’t made an issue of my Christian faith” is completely meaningless. Nobody was making an issue of his Christianity. He was being ‘accused’ of being a Muslim therefore the only word that makes sense in the context is the phrase “muslim faith”. Obama didn’t catch the slip bcos it wasn’t the wrong word. It wasn’t a slip. Rather it was the reality of his muslim childhood unconsciously shaping the the way he expressed himself in terms of being ‘charged’ with being muslim. This alone incontrovertibly establishes that reality to anyone who actually bothers to analyse the statement in its context because the whole sentence only makes sense if he has/had a muslim faith in the first place.

    George S. corrected partly through an instinctive urge to protect the liberal darling but also very likely bcos he he wasn’t really listening closely enough to appreciate either the syntax or logic of what BHO was saying. The MSM “interviewers” go on autopilot with him and merely pull the cord hanging out of Obama’s back and allow him to recite his spiel and when he pauses pull it again and so on.

    BTW I’m using scare quotes bcos belonging to Islam in and of itself is not an ‘accusation’ with which one can be ‘charged’. It is of course a disqualifying attribute politically to being elected US President at this time for reasons that are readily understandable.

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