Americans To Freeze To Death This Winter

Carbon Footprint vs. Human Footprint

An Afro-American politician, raised on the south side of Chicago, has testified before Congress. No, not that one:

Governor Patrick says there’s a real possibility that people in America could freeze to death this winter due to the soaring cost of home heating fuel. Patrick met with members of the Massachusetts congressional delegation on Capitol Hill and later testified before a House panel on the need for heating aid in cold-weather states.

Actually, I agree with his assessment that people may very well be unable to afford to be able to heat their homes this winter and may die. Too many of the self-centered environmental activists that live in warmer states have no idea of the costs involved in maintaining a home above freezing in the northern climate zones of this country. Temperatures of 20 to 40 degrees below freezing are common and prolonged. And quite miserable.

Where I differ is the re-apportioning of tax dollars. We have huge stores of potential energy in this country, with millions of un-employed, to mine those stores. We need vast quantities of cheap, affordable energy. Certainly solar and wind and new technologies, where feasible, will help and should be encouraged.


We need to drill for oil, drill for natural gas, and develop oil sand reserves. The “easy way out” is simply to decide to tax and re-distribute taxpayer dollars. This easy answer is the worst answer to a ever-growing problem.

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