Meltdown Update

In a paradox of mind-numbing proportions, the 700 billion dollar financial bailout negotiations are underway and the Democratic leadership is pillaging the Republicans for obstructionism. However, according to this poll, the majority of Americans are opposed:

Just 30 percent say they support Bush’s package, according to an Associated Press-Knowledge Networks poll released as White House and congressional leaders struggled to rescue the plan after House Republicans rebelled against it. Despite the president’s pleas that the package is urgently needed to prevent an economic meltdown, 45 percent say they oppose Bush’s proposal while 25 percent said they are undecided. AP

The Democrats; out of touch with the majority of Americans again. Who would have thunkit?


On Friday the Dow Jones average closed UP 135 points.

Come on Republicans, toss the pork out of the bill, pay 50 cents on the dollar for the “assets”, put the world markets at ease, and stop the Democrats attempt to drag our economy into the ditch. Grow a set.

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