Peres To The UN : Ahmadinejad Is A Disgrace To Islam

Is there anything new or newsworthy in the glorious paradise known as the Islamic Republic of Iran? A few links:
500 prisoners in holy city in Iran (Mashad) will be executed

Gholam-Hossein Esmaili, Mashhad’s prosecutor said that “500 prisoners are facing the gallows.” This is the second time in less than a month that shocking news of increasing number of death row inmates surface in Iran. The first was that of the 150 prisoners soon to face gallows in the southern city of Dashtistan in the coastal province of Bushehr.

More than 800 factory workers block highway in Iran

More than 800 workers employed by the Pars Paper mill factory gathered outside the governor’s office in the southwestern city of Ahwaz. When the officials paid no attention to their demands for overdue salaries in the past three months, they blocked the Ahwaz-Andimeshk highway which is the jugular vein of Iran’s oil rich province in the south.

Another juvenile (17) on death row in Iran

A young man identified as Mahyar Haghgoo was sentenced to death for a crime he allegedly committed when 17, the state-run daily Kargozaran reported on Tuesday. Mehyar was sentenced to death in the northern city of Rasht where the court did not take into consideration his mental status or age.

Sixty-one people in Iran arrested for eating in public

Colonel Mehdi Ahmadi, the State Security Forces (SSF) – mullahs’ suppressive police— spokesman said that 61 people were arrested for eating outdoors while 157 others were given warning citations for the same crime, reported the state-run website Tabnak on Friday. “Four restaurants were sealed for selling food in the morning hours,” Ahmadi said.

26.000 get warning for not fasting by the police in Iran

Brig. Gen. Hossein Zolfaqari, deputy chief of the State Security Forces (SSF) – mullahs’ suppressive police – said that 26,000 people were stopped on the streets to receive warring citations for not fasting only in the first week of holy month of Ramadan. “They ate in public during hours of fasting,” Zolfaqari said. In addition to that number, some 755 restaurants and 766 drivers were ticketed for breaking the fast.


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