Barack: “I Tend Not To Be That Persuasive”

Hello? Hello? Somebody come here and fix this thing...

File under nothing to see here, move along:

Berman: You’re a very persuasive man, you have a certain amount of influence with your own party, could you have done more, should you have done more, before the House vote yesterday to lobby for votes?

Obama: Oh, absolutely, not because — if you think about it, there was a deal struck between [House Speaker] Nancy Pelosi and Republican [Minority House] leader [John] Boehner.

The Democrats were supposed to get 120 votes, they got 140 so there was no sense on the Democratic side that we weren’t following through on our commitments and apparently there were some problems on that side. I don’t think me calling House Republican members would have been that helpful, I tend not to be that persuasive on that side of the aisle. source

Now that’s a truly comforting thought to start the day.

Some of the groups that comprise the House of Representatives include 73 women, a number of gay men, a lesbian, a pair of Muslims, 42 black members, two Buddhists, 27 Hispanics, four Asian Americans, and one Native American. Yet Barack admits that he tends to “not be persuasive” with that diverse group? Who is Barack persuasive with besides boot-licking reporters?

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