Sad But True

How many voters will go to the voting booth in November and have an idea  what the acronym ACORN stands for?

It is unfortunate that the truth about ACORN–as a cradle for the Democrats’ candidate for President, as a vote fraud machine, as a major driver of the subprime loan crisis and its subsequent fallout–is seen as off-limits in the current race, but off-limits it is.

Because unfortunately if it were looked at straight on, what we would see is that over the last several decades the hopes of the Civil Rights Movement have warped into an angry fifth column within American society that is guided not by patriotism or any sense of the common good, but by a greed for entitlements and handouts animated by rhetoric akin to that of Jeremiah Wright.

And that is what the American people stand in danger of electing to the Presidency. (Buzzsawmonkey*)

My guess is that a very tiny percentage of people will know anything about ACORN or it’s agenda. Sad.

*Buzz, as he is affectionately referred, is a frequent commenter at Little Green Footballs and known for his short essays as well as quips, verse and song parodies.

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