Berg v. Obama Ruling

For hard-core political junkies, this may make your evening. A judge in Pennsylvania has ordered  Sen. Barack Obama to turn over a copy of his “vault”  birth certificate and other documents. To the hard-core types, aware of the controversy over the location of Barack’s birth and the various countries of his citizenship, this may be the “October Surprise” that has become the norm of recent elections:

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The best part of this entire sordid affair, is that a Sen. Hillary Clinton supporter is leading this court battle.

UPDATE: The area above appears to be the plaintiffs “proposed” relief, not  an actual ruling by the judge. The web site of the plaintiff has gone strangely silent for a number of days.

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4 Responses to “Berg v. Obama Ruling”

  1. edeldoug Says:

    NOTE that this was a brief filed for the judge to sign, which he has NOT YET DONE (what’s the holdup?). He has yet to rule on Obama’s motion to dismiss.

    Berg has also filed to amend the suit, as Kenyan citizenship may turn out to be irrelevant in light of INDONESIAN Citizenship! (Obama truly is a “citizen of the world!)

    Obama has finally ACKNOWLEDGED dual US/Kenyan citizenship on his “fight the smears” website, thanks to the Berg Suit. Dual Citizenship is arguably SUFFICIENT to disqualify him from serving as POTUS, but he has not yet acknowledged that he held INDONESIAN citizenship under the name Barry Soetoro. There is documentary evidence of this. See Indonesia did not recognize dual citizenship at the time, so to be an Indonesian citizen meant that he was NOT a US Citizen at the time. If he regained citizenship of the US at a later date, this would be thru naturalization, and naturalized citizens are explicitly NOT eligible to serve as POTUS!

  2. titus Says:

    Wow, obama is not a citizen!

  3. King Arthur Says:

    My sophmore son is currently doing a research report on Barack Obama and his citizenship. He has found out that it is more then likely that Obama was born in Kenya when his mother went there to visit Obama Sr. when she was very pregnant. She then had Obama, and registered his birth when she arrived in Hawaii.

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