Boater Voters?

Any student of the election results of the past three or four Presidential elections is familiar with how important the state of Ohio is to the electoral vote. In fact, both of the major parties have fine-tuned their last minute appearances in this key state in order to attempt to sway what may ultimately be a 1% or less margin of victory. News of voter registration fraud in Ohio is especially disconcerting:

In Hamilton County, 17 people are registered to vote from riverfront addresses south of Mehring Way – places with street numbers that would put their homes somewhere in the Ohio River.

Only 17, you say?

Another 46 voters are registered at addresses that would put their homes in the middle of the Paul Brown Stadium parking lot, or at the riverfront project known as The Banks – which hasn’t been built.

Numbers not impressive yet? Try this:

Thousands of voters appear on registration lists twice – some as many as six times.

Unless my math skills have completely disintegrated, that is between 6,000 to 12,000 potential votes. The article enumerates more examples than I have the stomach to handle. Read the whole sickening article at


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