Between Barack And A Hard Place

53,000,000 American voter trudged to the polls yesterday. Many of these voters arose at the crack of dawn, some stood in line for hours, some in the pouring rain, others in freezing cold. They all had one thing in common; they did not vote for Sen. Barack Obama.

These 53,000,000 did not vote in favor of bankruptcy inducing carbon-taxation upon the coal industry, or skyrocketing increases in energy costs. They do not favor higher taxation, government takeover/replacement of their 401ks, wealth redistribution, reparations, or any of the tenets of black liberation theology. These same people tend to bristle at limitations on their First and Second Amendment rights.

I met a few of these 53,000,000 yesterday. They are a significant force; lawyers, doctors, nurses, self-employed entrepreneurs, retired professionals, and highly successful businessmen. They are extremely proficient at matching the level of their work force to make a profit, sheltering income from taxation, and, staying within the bounds of the tax code and laws, ensuring that Federal tax revenue will now begin to plummet. ( see “Related” below)

Approximately 6,000,000 misguided voters in a half-dozen states decided this election. The exit polls indicated their primary reason for voting the way they did was the economy. None of the ideas that I have seen promoted by Sen. Obama will cause the economy to move forward, in fact, quite the opposite. The time frame for positive action before massive disillusionment is incredibly short in the United States.  The question that remains to be answered in the coming months is will a President Obama be able to shed the hard left ideology he has embraced his entire life and listen to economic advisers warning him of the coming train wreck  his policies will create or will he stumble headfirst into a world-wide economic collapse? The American economy is now between Barack and a hard place.

Additional: One last thought. I’m sure everyone has at some time heard of a firefighter that started a fire only to take credit for putting it out? What will the remaining Republicans in the House and Senate do when the spending bills start flying up for vote? Try to kill them or restrict the damage, or let the fires start burning so in 2010 they can say, “We told you so” and pretend innocence?

Related: Looking ahead to the possibility of an Obama administration, some baseball agents already are thinking about trying to beat a possible tax increase for their well-paid clients. (A/P article, more here.)


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