Electioneering Defined

Would delay of news of economic disaster in Philadelphia, the sixth largest city in the United States, qualify as electioneering?

1. persuasion of voters in a political campaign

Announced by the Mayor TWO DAYS after the election. Key parts of the plan include cutting basic services such as police and fire protection:

* Delay business and wage tax reductions until 2015.
* Eliminate 220 existing jobs, 600 unfilled jobs and 2,000 seasonal, part-time and contract jobs.
* Reduce all overtime, including in the Philadelphia Police Department.
* Cut 200 unfilled police jobs.
* Cut five Philadelphia Fire Department engine companies and two ladder companies.
* Close 11 branches of the Philadelphia Free Library and end Sunday hours at three branches.
* Close 68 of the city’s 81 pools and three of five ice rinks.
* Eliminate the Adolescent Violence Reduction Partnership.
* Cut Town Watch Integrated Services by 50 percent.
* End support for the Dell East summer concert series and the city’s $355,000 contribution to the Mummer’s Parade.
* Cut by half the increases proposed for this fiscal years for the budgets of the Housing Trust Fund, the Community College of Philadelphia and the Cultural Fund.
* Eliminate limited residential street cleaning, snow removal on smaller streets and dedicated collections for tree leaves and tires.
* Salary cuts for the Mayor, his staff and cabinet, deputy mayors, and the Managing Director’s Office.
* Require five furlough days this year and next year for any exempt employee earning more than $50,000. source

Meanwhile the Dow Jones Industrial Average has tanked nearly 800 points since the election. Change you can believe in. Change you better start collecting in a large jar, is more like it.

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