Sayonara Sarah

John McCain needs to go back to Arizona, announce his official switch to the Democratic Party and disappear from the political scene. The McCain camp threw Palin to the wolves when they encouraged the Couric interview. Were they that freakin’ clueless to think that the knives wouldn’t come out for that interview?

I hope everyone from the McCain camp stays the hell away from Campaign 2010 and 2012. They proved themselves to have a degree of ineptitude I thought was impossible, some standard of campaigning ethics that seemed almost quaint, and shot themselves in the foot with their ideas on fund raising. They got outspent something like 7 to 1 and while the race STILL was surprising tight (a FIVE state switch of 200,000 votes per state would have won it for McCain) I just don’t think they really, really wanted to win. McCain had no fire in the gut. They should have kept him hopped up on a six-pack a day of Red Bull the past three months to bring out the fighter in him.

After running this “holier than thou” campaign the fact that they let any slurs appear about Gov. Palin shows the doddering old fools in his campaign for what they are. I personally think the nation needs a President “asleep at the wheel” for the next couple of years while the assorted markets figure out what needs to be done, then do it. McCain taking four hour naps in the afternoon, only waking up to veto legislation, while Sarah Palin went around and cut ribbons, would be the perfect cure for this economy.

Instead we’re in for four years of “boom and bust” overreaction and over legislation and overspending while a bunch of kids, running around like headless chickens, attempt to reassure (with practiced arrogance) that they have a freakin’ clue as to what they’re doing.

Oh yeah, and all you BDS sufferers, it won’t be too long before you refer to the Bush years as the “good old days” as you sit in the dark and shiver in front of your blank computer screens, thankful for the 43rd economic stimulus check you just received that won’t cover even a portion of your $2000/month electric bill, thankful to Lord Obama that the CO2 level in the atmosphere dropped by 10 parts per million.

But Sarah Palin will be back in Alaska, catching fresh salmon, shooting a caribou or two, raising the fees on oil that gets sent to the lower 48, and laughing her ass off while she lays in her tanning bed. She’s gonna have the last laugh. You can bet the (no money-down, zero-points, sub-prime, zero-doc, adjustable rate mortgaged) house on it.

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