Terror Still Top Concern

A Pew Poll, released today, showed these as the top three concerns of the respondents:
Economy 85%
Jobs 82%
Terrorism 76%

Concerns over terrorism are in a virtual tie with concerns over losing ones job and the economy.  The American people are not going to be happy if the new President lets the guard down and a couple million citizens go up in a fireball or inhale a tiny spec of some radioisotope and die a horrifying death within six months.

If President Obama wishes to pander to the hard-core leftists and shut Guantanamo down, nulify every legal order and opinion on interrogations, or make other concessions that, in the eyes of three-quarters of the American public make us more vulnerable to terrorists, it’s going to take more than just a brilliantly cheoregraphed and tele-prompted speech to allay the outrage. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice…

Add’l: As the financial calamities of many major newspapers indicate, there is a migration away from newsprint to the Internet. The terrorist actions of many are hardly, if at all, reported in the main stream media. In that vacuum many independent reporters, internet journalists, photographers, and bloggers are providing extensive coverage of disturbing trends, even in the United States. My supposition is that the new media is helping to provide the information that is causing  continuing concerns over terror-related activities around the globe.

As a prime example, Internet journalist Zombie provides a comprehensive report on Islamist reaction to the attempt by Israel to defend itself from the daily rocket attacks against its citizens (of all faiths). Note the coordinated threats, protests, and riots on January 10, 2009. Including right here in the United States.


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