Great Map

As I’ve mentioned before, the Presidential election was much closer than the Main Stream Media was willing to admit. I came across this excellent map that shows the breakdown by county in November. Red = McCain, Blue = Obama:

Mandate? You decide. Source for this (and some other interesting maps) here.


One Response to “Great Map”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    uh… is thos the poart where nobody is supposed to notice that the areas with all the PEOPLE in them are blue (NY, Chicago, LA, Miami, the east coast, even Houston!) and the areas where the pigs, cows or chickens outnumber the people are red? that’s still a nice mandate… i think it is delicious that the GOP is unclear on the concept that a strategy based on those red areas of the map ain’t gonna be a winner anytime soon…

    keep inculcating the sheep on the right… as long as they remain blissfully unaware that they are getting killed in the marketplace of ideas, they wont change anything. Which of course means easier work for O in 2012. All good……..

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