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Get Off My Grass, Again!

October 6, 2010

Conservatives are often accused of living in the past. Perhaps because we have this rather annoying trait of remembering stuff, like facts and information and stuff.

When I was all of sixteen years old I worked three part time jobs. Back in the day, there were always help wanted signs just about everywhere. High school was easy, girls not so easy – they expected to be taken out on dates and even then weren’t putting out much, and filling up my gas tank on my two year old car was expensive. Two of the jobs were in factories, one required putting bottles on an assembly line, the other required cleaning and disposal of waste paper. Putting bottles on an assembly line was kinda boring, but there were a couple girls I had the hots for that worked there too which made the job much easier. The third job required that I fill the gas tanks of cars waiting to be washed. Each one of the jobs paid minimum wage, $1.60 per hour. Pretty pathetic?

Wait a minute, youngsters, let’s do the math. Every car at the car wash that filled the tank up with 20 gallons of gas received a free car wash. The owner prorated a less than a 20 gallon purchase which kept the customers happy, and me as ‘busy as a bee’. (I don’t actually usually use that antiquated term – but I’m trying to sound old and experienced and stuff) Gasoline was .25 cents per gallon. Every hour I worked I received enough money to purchase 6.4 gallons of gasoline. What would that equate to today with regular gasoline at $2.60 per gallon? Glad you asked.

Sixteen dollars and 64 cents. Try to find a part time job today that pays that. Try to find a help wanted sign on a factory. In fact, try to find a factory with cars in the parking lot.

It’s time to throw as many of these bums out of Washington, DC and our state capitols as we possibly can. Do it for your children, your future children, grandchildren maybe. The voice of experience is shouting in your ear.

Get Off My F*cking Grass Pt II

October 5, 2010

So news out of Washington, DC today is that the Obama Administration has decided to return solar panels to the roof of the White House. Deja vu all over again. Google “solar panels Jimmy Carter” for details. I live all of 60 some miles from that den of inequity and perhaps I can describe the climate in this area; wind, rain, overcast skies, more rain, more overcast skies, fog, snow, more snow, and then the occasional sunny day. The panels take a beating from sun, wind, and rain, yank at the roof substructure, and fail miserably years before you’ve saved one f*cking miserable ton of carbon dioxide.

He who does not learn from history is destined to annoy me.

Final Warning!

October 4, 2010

With less than 30 days until the mid-term elections, I’ve decided to emerge from my self-imposed exile and scream and shout a little bit. With unemployment numbers about to ratchet up a couple more notches and bankruptcies setting new records, who can dispute that the historic precedency (stet) of Barack Obama was an historic mistake?

Time to hold your nose, push those chads all the way through, and start the country back in the (R)ight direction.