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Berg v. Obama

October 26, 2008

In a case that must have Osama Bin Laden laughing with delight a federal judge in Philadelphia ruled last night that voter(s) do not have the right to question the eligibility of a candidate for the office of President of the United States.

Yes, really. While I question the motives of the plaintiff in this action, this case has shown that there does not exist any sort of official vetting process that ensures candidates are Constitutionally eligible for the highest office in this country.

Next stop, Supreme Court?

Particulars, here. (Bastids at AP)

Berg v. Obama Ruling

October 4, 2008

For hard-core political junkies, this may make your evening. A judge in Pennsylvania has ordered  Sen. Barack Obama to turn over a copy of his “vault”  birth certificate and other documents. To the hard-core types, aware of the controversy over the location of Barack’s birth and the various countries of his citizenship, this may be the “October Surprise” that has become the norm of recent elections:

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The best part of this entire sordid affair, is that a Sen. Hillary Clinton supporter is leading this court battle.

UPDATE: The area above appears to be the plaintiffs “proposed” relief, not  an actual ruling by the judge. The web site of the plaintiff has gone strangely silent for a number of days.