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Great Map

February 1, 2009

As I’ve mentioned before, the Presidential election was much closer than the Main Stream Media was willing to admit. I came across this excellent map that shows the breakdown by county in November. Red = McCain, Blue = Obama:

Mandate? You decide. Source for this (and some other interesting maps) here.

Break Out The Tin-Foil

November 11, 2008

October 2002:

One winter night in 1965, eyewitnesses saw a fireball streak over North America, bank, turn and appear to crash in western Pennsylvania. Then swarms of military personnel combed the area and a tarp-covered flatbed truck rumbled out of the woods.

Now a former White House chief of staff and an international investigative journalist want to know what the Pentagon knows, calling on it to release classified files about that and other incidents involving unidentified flying objects, or UFOs.

“It is time for the government to declassify records that are more than 25 years old and to provide scientists with data that will assist in determining the real nature of this phenomenon,” ex-Clinton aide John Podesta said Tuesday. source

November, 2008:

As President-elect Obama prepares to govern, what are his priorities? We’ll find out from John Podesta, head of the Obama transition team. source

Vice-President Joe Biden is not a UFO believer, but seemed to forget the question half-way through his answer:

I’ve never met Dennis Kucinich and I don’t know Governor Richardson. No I don’t think there are UFOs. No I don’t think the government… What the hell are we talking about? This has gone downhill real quick.

And I thought Ron Paul was a tin-foil hatter. Oh well, stay tuned to the secret government frequency, Kenneth, ’cause the nuttiness ain’t hardly begun. Somehow, it’s all going to be George Bush’s fault…

Internet Report Card

November 9, 2008

An interesting question that is often asked is, “What is the effect of the Internet on the political process?” Post-election data seems to indicate that politically oriented blogs are becoming more popular among citizens and continually moving higher in ranking. (A lower number in ranking is better; ie yahoo, google, and youtube are numbers 1,2, and 3.)
Major blogs of both political persuasions had higher traffic in the last three months of the past election season, according to Alexa (a web traffic reporting service):



Daily Kos

Democratic Underground









Improvement in rank








Interesting that while both DailyKos and FreeRepublic gained rank, the FreeRepublic sites increase in rank was larger and they are closing the gap with Kos and in a virtual tie for position. Some smaller blogs on the right made dramatic improvements in rank:





Improvement in rank



And then there is Little Green Footballs, which is defined by Alexa as a “Weblog covering issues dear to both conservatives and US liberals” which lost rank:


Little Green Footballs



Improvement in rank


Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs, who in late spring appeared to go on a personal crusade against fundamentalist Christians, intentionally alienating many of his readers (of many faiths) with a continual evolution vs. creationism battle, seems to have sent his readers fleeing.

I’ve got to wonder about the “US liberals” though. Does that mean United States liberals or “we liberals?”

Sayonara Sarah

November 6, 2008

John McCain needs to go back to Arizona, announce his official switch to the Democratic Party and disappear from the political scene. The McCain camp threw Palin to the wolves when they encouraged the Couric interview. Were they that freakin’ clueless to think that the knives wouldn’t come out for that interview?

I hope everyone from the McCain camp stays the hell away from Campaign 2010 and 2012. They proved themselves to have a degree of ineptitude I thought was impossible, some standard of campaigning ethics that seemed almost quaint, and shot themselves in the foot with their ideas on fund raising. They got outspent something like 7 to 1 and while the race STILL was surprising tight (a FIVE state switch of 200,000 votes per state would have won it for McCain) I just don’t think they really, really wanted to win. McCain had no fire in the gut. They should have kept him hopped up on a six-pack a day of Red Bull the past three months to bring out the fighter in him.

After running this “holier than thou” campaign the fact that they let any slurs appear about Gov. Palin shows the doddering old fools in his campaign for what they are. I personally think the nation needs a President “asleep at the wheel” for the next couple of years while the assorted markets figure out what needs to be done, then do it. McCain taking four hour naps in the afternoon, only waking up to veto legislation, while Sarah Palin went around and cut ribbons, would be the perfect cure for this economy.

Instead we’re in for four years of “boom and bust” overreaction and over legislation and overspending while a bunch of kids, running around like headless chickens, attempt to reassure (with practiced arrogance) that they have a freakin’ clue as to what they’re doing.

Oh yeah, and all you BDS sufferers, it won’t be too long before you refer to the Bush years as the “good old days” as you sit in the dark and shiver in front of your blank computer screens, thankful for the 43rd economic stimulus check you just received that won’t cover even a portion of your $2000/month electric bill, thankful to Lord Obama that the CO2 level in the atmosphere dropped by 10 parts per million.

But Sarah Palin will be back in Alaska, catching fresh salmon, shooting a caribou or two, raising the fees on oil that gets sent to the lower 48, and laughing her ass off while she lays in her tanning bed. She’s gonna have the last laugh. You can bet the (no money-down, zero-points, sub-prime, zero-doc, adjustable rate mortgaged) house on it.

Them Ol’ Election Blues

November 6, 2008

Got them ol’ Election Blues? Pour a stiff one and settle down with a little Iowahawk. Just a little teaser ’cause he’s been known to get a whole lot more than a tad crusty when you crib his content:

Election Analysis: America Can Take Pride In This Historic, Inspirational Disaster

Although I have not always been the most outspoken advocate of President-Elect Barack Obama, today I would like to congratulate him and add my voice to the millions of fellow citizens who are celebrating his historic and frightening election victory. I don’t care whether you are a conservative or a liberal — when you saw this inspiring young African-American rise to our nation’s highest office I hope you felt the same sense of patriotic pride that I experienced, no matter how hard you were hyperventilating with deep existential dread.  more

Electioneering Defined

November 6, 2008

Would delay of news of economic disaster in Philadelphia, the sixth largest city in the United States, qualify as electioneering?

1. persuasion of voters in a political campaign

Announced by the Mayor TWO DAYS after the election. Key parts of the plan include cutting basic services such as police and fire protection:

* Delay business and wage tax reductions until 2015.
* Eliminate 220 existing jobs, 600 unfilled jobs and 2,000 seasonal, part-time and contract jobs.
* Reduce all overtime, including in the Philadelphia Police Department.
* Cut 200 unfilled police jobs.
* Cut five Philadelphia Fire Department engine companies and two ladder companies.
* Close 11 branches of the Philadelphia Free Library and end Sunday hours at three branches.
* Close 68 of the city’s 81 pools and three of five ice rinks.
* Eliminate the Adolescent Violence Reduction Partnership.
* Cut Town Watch Integrated Services by 50 percent.
* End support for the Dell East summer concert series and the city’s $355,000 contribution to the Mummer’s Parade.
* Cut by half the increases proposed for this fiscal years for the budgets of the Housing Trust Fund, the Community College of Philadelphia and the Cultural Fund.
* Eliminate limited residential street cleaning, snow removal on smaller streets and dedicated collections for tree leaves and tires.
* Salary cuts for the Mayor, his staff and cabinet, deputy mayors, and the Managing Director’s Office.
* Require five furlough days this year and next year for any exempt employee earning more than $50,000. source

Meanwhile the Dow Jones Industrial Average has tanked nearly 800 points since the election. Change you can believe in. Change you better start collecting in a large jar, is more like it.

Between Barack And A Hard Place

November 5, 2008

53,000,000 American voter trudged to the polls yesterday. Many of these voters arose at the crack of dawn, some stood in line for hours, some in the pouring rain, others in freezing cold. They all had one thing in common; they did not vote for Sen. Barack Obama.

These 53,000,000 did not vote in favor of bankruptcy inducing carbon-taxation upon the coal industry, or skyrocketing increases in energy costs. They do not favor higher taxation, government takeover/replacement of their 401ks, wealth redistribution, reparations, or any of the tenets of black liberation theology. These same people tend to bristle at limitations on their First and Second Amendment rights.

I met a few of these 53,000,000 yesterday. They are a significant force; lawyers, doctors, nurses, self-employed entrepreneurs, retired professionals, and highly successful businessmen. They are extremely proficient at matching the level of their work force to make a profit, sheltering income from taxation, and, staying within the bounds of the tax code and laws, ensuring that Federal tax revenue will now begin to plummet. ( see “Related” below)

Approximately 6,000,000 misguided voters in a half-dozen states decided this election. The exit polls indicated their primary reason for voting the way they did was the economy. None of the ideas that I have seen promoted by Sen. Obama will cause the economy to move forward, in fact, quite the opposite. The time frame for positive action before massive disillusionment is incredibly short in the United States.  The question that remains to be answered in the coming months is will a President Obama be able to shed the hard left ideology he has embraced his entire life and listen to economic advisers warning him of the coming train wreck  his policies will create or will he stumble headfirst into a world-wide economic collapse? The American economy is now between Barack and a hard place.

Additional: One last thought. I’m sure everyone has at some time heard of a firefighter that started a fire only to take credit for putting it out? What will the remaining Republicans in the House and Senate do when the spending bills start flying up for vote? Try to kill them or restrict the damage, or let the fires start burning so in 2010 they can say, “We told you so” and pretend innocence?

Related: Looking ahead to the possibility of an Obama administration, some baseball agents already are thinking about trying to beat a possible tax increase for their well-paid clients. (A/P article, more here.)

Report From Pennsylvania

November 4, 2008

My little township, tucked away in a corner of Chester County, Pennsylvania is experiencing near 100% turn-out of registered voters. Two-thirds of voters appeared at 7:00 a.m. and the other third are expected after work. Based on historical trends, we will vote 90% Republican. Will my town, and the thousands of other little towns across Pennsylvania be able to counteract the voters of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh? It could happen, but it is doubtful the media will suddenly break free from their habit of reporting only pro-Obama news.

UPDATE: Morning after shock. The returns indicate my little town split 50-50.