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On “Global Warning” by Weather Channel Founder

January 29, 2009

John Coleman, founder of The Weather Channel, in a middlin’ long essay, attacks the claims of the environmental extremists, that an increase of less than 200 additional parts per million of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere is cause for decimating the American economy. Good for ya’ John. Reprinted in its entirety:

The Amazing Story Behind The Global Warming Scam

By John Coleman
January 28, 2009

The key players are now all in place in Washington and in state governments across America to officially label carbon dioxide as a pollutant and enact laws that tax we citizens for our carbon footprints. Only two details stand in the way, the faltering economic times and a dramatic turn toward a colder climate. The last two bitter winters have lead to a rise in public awareness that CO2 is not a pollutant and is not a significant greenhouse gas that is triggering runaway global warming.

How did we ever get to this point where bad science is driving big government we have to struggle so to stop it? (more…)