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Obama: “Redistribution of Wealth”

October 27, 2008

In 2001 while Obama worked as a community organizer and practiced as a civil rights attorney and was serving in the Illinois Senate he spoke on Chicago Public Radio Station WBEZ-FM. At that time he said:

The Supreme Court never ventured into the issues of redistribution of wealth, and of more basic issues such as political and economic justice in society… and one of the, I think, tragedies of the civil rights movement was, um, because the civil rights movement became so court focused I think there was a tendency to lose track of the political and community organizing and activities on the ground that are able to put together the actual coalition of powers through which you bring about redistributive change. In some ways we still suffer from that…

Obviously, Sen. Obama did not suffer a slip of the tongue when he made the “gotta spread the wealth around” comment to “Joe the plumber” last week. This is his actual agenda, this is the agenda of those who seek to put him into office. This is the agenda that which will pitch this country into a depression that could make the Great Depression(1) that began in 1929 look like a Sunday School picnic.

This comment from Obama indicates that what is really at stake in this country this election is a referendum on Capitalism vs. Socialism. Currently the wealth of this nation is tied up in stocks and bonds, in banks and mortgage notes, in thousands of financial instruments that pay dividends or interest, or accumulate additional value over time. Wealth does not sit in a fireproof safe under someones stairwell waiting to be re-distributed. It is actually working, creating jobs for millions of Americans. From factories, to the service industry, to Wall Street brokers it actually is the foundation of our economic system.  To simply state that this wealth can somehow be taken from one group and equitably re-distributed to another group without a massive economic failure effecting every Main Street, every American worker, every Social Security beneficiary, every family, without massive economic disruption is a delusion, a fantasy of the highest order.

Thomas Jefferson, Founding Father and third President of the United States warned:

A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where fifty-one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine.

Barack’s thinking is that of the academic. He never once hired a worker for a productive industry, never met a payroll, never sent hundreds of checks every month to suppliers, never went without his own paycheck in order that those he hired would be able to cash their own. He never sent a check to those who provided the capital or those who underwrote a business, to the property owner who supplied the land and building. His thinking is not just wrong, but dangerous to the standing of the United States in the world as a safe haven for investment.

I fear Jefferson’s prediction is about to come true.

(1) The Great Depression was a worldwide economic downturn starting in most places in 1929 and ending at different times in the 1930s or early 1940s for different countries. more…

Government Computers Used To Spy On Private Citizen

October 25, 2008

Not just any random citizen. The “Joe the plumber” citizen who had the audacity to ask a question of a political candidate who happened into his front yard looking for “Joe’s” support. Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher, referred to in the press and debates as “Joe the plumber,” was subjected to:

Public records requested by The Dispatch disclose that information on Wurzelbacher’s driver’s license or his sport-utility vehicle was pulled from the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles database three times shortly after the debate.

Information on Wurzelbacher was accessed by accounts assigned to the office of Ohio Attorney General Nancy H. Rogers, the Cuyahoga County Child Support Enforcement Agency and the Toledo Police Department.

This is an abuse of power and a criminal act which should not go unpunished. Expect it to be swept under the rug with a shrug:

It has not been determined who checked on Wurzelbacher, or why. Direct access to driver’s license and vehicle registration information from Bureau of Motor Vehicle computers is restricted to legitimate law enforcement and government business. source

It appears, based on the agencies contacted, that a smear campaign would have been launched on “Joe the plumber” if anything other than a lien had been found. Shouts of “He doesn’t pay his child support!” or “Look, he has a DUI!” or “He jaywalked!” would have been leaked to immediately vilify him in the press.

From all of the screaming and moaning and gnashing of teeth over the “rights” and treatment of actual terrorists imprisoned in Guantanamo, Cuba or the lefts outrage over privacy concerns in the Patriot Act you might expect that a private citizen could ask a question of Barack Obama without being subjected to such an intense investigation. Welcome to the new socialist utopia. Drive carefully.

Shocking Poll Data

October 22, 2008


WASHINGTON (AP) – The presidential race tightened after the final debate, with John McCain gaining among whites and people earning less than $50,000, according to an Associated Press-GfK poll that shows McCain and Barack Obama essentially running even among likely voters in the election homestretch.

The poll, which found Obama at 44 percent and McCain at 43 percent, supports what some Republicans and Democrats privately have said in recent days: that the race narrowed after the third debate as GOP-leaning voters drifted home to their party and McCain’s “Joe the plumber” analogy struck a chord. source/more

Game changer?

Game changer?

Struck a “chord”? Joe the plumber single-handedly revealed to the American public Barack Obama’s true agenda when Obama made the “you gotta spread the wealth around” comment.

I Am Joe

October 18, 2008

I am Joe, too.

I crawl under the sinks and scoop foul, semi-solid junk and hair (most of it is/was mine) out of the drains. I sweat pipe, install faucets, scrub the carbons out of my oil furnace until my hands and face and clothes are black with soot. I scrub the creosote out of my chimney while standing on an eight foot ladder on the roof which is twenty feet off the ground. I cut down eighty-foot tall trees and pick up my wedge and split the wood into pieces. I crawl on hands and knees through the attic, laying down itchy fiberglass insulation. That’s just a partial list. There’s never been a job in thirty some years around my former business or home that I’ve ever felt I was too good to try and accomplish. My calluses have calluses.

But where Joe and I differ is important. His dream is to open his own business, hire his own employees, and be his own boss. I was there. It was no dream. You see, I had an enemy.

That enemy should have been my biggest friend. I was providing employment to a couple of dozen people. I was providing health care insurance to my employees and their dependents, collecting their various federal and local payroll taxes for them, collecting medicare and social security taxes, providing a very good living wage and making sure that the various government agencies got those tax dollars. On time. Or else.

But my enemy took the word of a knife-wielding, gas-station robbing drug addict over mine. My enemy did not look at the history of phony worker compensation claims that an employee who claimed to be injured on the job made over my word. When my enemy lost the records of tax deposits I had faithfully made on time for decades, he chose to believe I was the one at fault and cleaned out my business checking account. My enemy was stronger and more determined than I was. I gave up fighting, sent the last payroll report and tax return off to my enemy with an extra couple grand as insurance, and closed the doors.

Now the economic realities of at least three prior administrations have struck. New people, eyes filled with crocodile tears and condescending attitudes, wish to preside over that enemy and now bemoan the closing of factories and the loss of jobs.

When Joe is standing in his own front yard and asks questions out of concern for his own future he becomes vilified. His personal name and address is posted on the internet. His tax records are investigated and published for all the world to see. I feel for Joe. But at least he is seeing the enemy before he pledges his house and future to the bank in return for being his own boss, running his own business.

Don’t do it, Joe. The dream is a nightmare. The enemy is stronger, could care a whole lot less, and has all the time in the world to make you regret your decision. You’ll risk everything, spend years paying off equipment that becomes worthless way too soon, and find yourself employing people that align with the enemy against you.

It’s your decision, Joe. But you have now had a tiny taste of what is to come in the future United Socialist States of America.

The last great President this country had put it clearly:

“The most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” Ronald Reagan

Thanks to Iowahawk for graphic: