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Have You Forgotten? Al Qaeda Hasn’t…

September 11, 2008

Today, Al-Jazeera aired a segment of a documentary by Al-Qaeda’s media unit Al-Sahab titled “The Harvest of Seven Years Since 9/11.” The video, which was partially subtitled in English by Al-Sahab, was aired together with a statement by the network that it had “managed to get” hold of the film and that it had not yet been posted on any Al-Qaeda website. provided the translation for the video and posted it on YouTube. They provide a valuable service monitoring terrorist websites and translating. Here’s what they say:

Launched in 2006, MEMRI’s Islamist Websites Monitor Project – the largest open archive of translated material from Islamist websites – monitors these websites on a daily basis. It presents and analyzes the most important material that appears on these sites with the goal of identifying crucial developments in the world of jihad, such as disagreements among jihad groups or the emergence of new ideological trends and operational strategies.