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Biden: “Chuck, stand up, let the people see you.”

September 10, 2008

File under “what else is new”:

WASHINGTON – Democratic vice presidential candidate Joe Biden found himself in an embarrassing situation during a Missouri campaign appearance Tuesday.

During a stop in Columbia, Mo., Biden was speaking before a large crowd when he decided to give special recognition to State Senator Chuck Graham.

“Chuck, stand up, let the people see you,” Biden shouted.

However, Biden did not realize that Graham is confined to a wheelchair.

“Oh, God love you. What am I talking about? I’ll tell you what, you’re making everybody else stand up, old pal. I’ll tell you what, everybody else stand up for Chuck. Stand up for Chuck!” Biden said. source

Clueless Joe, in a position a-heart-beat-away from the Presidency. That’s scary.

He must have accidentally been handed the Obamessiah speech. Obama can raise up the halt, stop the oceans from rising, and change water to wine.