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From Iran With Love

November 4, 2007

To celebrate the act of war (seizing the Embassy of another country) perpetrated against the United States 28 years ago, the benevolent people of the Islamic Republic of Iran took to the streets recently to ‘show the love.’ Former Ineffectual President Jimmy Carter outspoken critic of the nation of Israel, and author of the book ”Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid” was unavailable for comment. Notice the separation of women from men in the pictures.

Posing before large banner of American Embassy hostage

George Bush as Osama Bin Laden, the devil, and with Hitler mustache. Note swastikas replace stars on American flag. The bottom of this poster (not visible in this picture) proclaims ‘Down with Israel”

No demonstration is complete without effigy burning.

George Bush behind bars, devil horns complete American flag.

Note all males in this image.

Note all females in this image. No co-mingling allowed!

Notice banner, “The USA can’t do anything” in foreground. I suppose that refers to the never ending ‘dialog’ over the refusal of the Islamic Republic of Iran to submit to International inspection and oversight of their “peaceful” nuclear energy program. After seeing these images, I’m convinced of the intentions of the Iranian leadership toward the United States.

Preparing For War

October 6, 2007

Taking a page from the Nazi playbook, this recent mass demonstration in the Islamic Republic of Iran attempts to rile the populace against the Great Satan (U.S.A.) and the Little Satan (Israel) in a march reported to be in the millions.

Quite a crowd.

A graphic example of the separation of women from men in the Islamic Republic.

Can you find the same green separation barrier in this picture and follow it to the end?

I’m not sure what Pee Wee Herman has to do with the protest.

I suppose this is the ‘Protocolian Elder of Zion’

Burning a blood spattered Israeli flag poster.


Teach your children to hate at an early age.

Note ‘Down Whit(sic) USA’ on shirt.

The ’40’ in this picture, I assume, is the number of years since the Six-Day War in the year 1967. Israel was attacked, or assisted in the attacks, by the countries of Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Algeria.


The obligatory George Bush with fangs.


Some effigy burning.


Peace sign with rock sends a mixed message.


Many images of the late Ayatollah Khomeini were on display.

More ‘Down Whit’ posters on back of young children.

Iran’s 3,000 centrifuges continue to spin Uranium into nuclear bomb grade material while, back in the United States, the liberal press accuses President Bush of preparing to attack Iran. Anyone can see from these pictures the peaceful intent of the Iranian people.