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Greeley Should Resign Or Be Relieved Of Duties

October 16, 2008

According to the Wikipedia on Andrew Greeley:

The Reverend Dr Andrew M. Greeley (born February 5, 1928 in Oak Park, Illinois, to Andrew and Grace Greeley) is an Irish-American Roman Catholic priest, sociologist, journalist and best selling author. He has given numerous interviews on both radio and television.

Selected excerpts from a column he wrote yesterday for the Chicago Sun-Times:

‘South Pacific” is a morality play for our time. Sarah Palin is the Ensign Nellie Forbush — an All-American girl as racist, this time a racist with her eye on the White House. She can stir up crowds to shout “Kill him!” at the mention of the presidential candidate of the other party a couple of weeks before the national election.

We now know that the “kill him” shout was unheard by any other person than a single member of the press attending the event, which included numerous Secret Service agents. But this shameful excuse for a priest isn’t finished:

However, the last-ditch attack on him guarantees that McCain and Palin will be blamed as the candidates who were content to hear crowds calling for the death of Obama.

There is absolutely no evidence in that libelous statement above that Sen. John McCain or Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin ‘were content to hear’ a non-existent phrase. In fact, Sarah Palin was not speaking at the time the reporter “recalled” hearing the shout. It gets worse:

How can she ever justify silence when she heard a cry for lynching?

By using the word ‘lynching’ the writer is attempting to inflame the reader with images of white-sheeted Ku Klux Klan members running rampant through the streets. There is, once again, no evidence that anyone called for a ‘lynching’ much less used the phrase, ‘kill him.’  Turning his guns on Sen. McCain:

McCain increasingly acts like an angry, befuddled cancer survivor and treats his rival like a field n—– who is just barely human.

The use of the inflammatory ‘n word,’ even in abbreviated fashion, to describe the gamesmanship inherent in political debates is shameless. As a person of the Roman Catholic faith, I am ashamed to think that Andrew Greeley is a Roman Catholic priest. This vile and inflammatory piece of fiction by Greeley is a stain on not just the two candidates but the issue of race relations in this country. Greeley is an embarrassment to the U.S. Catholic Church and should be relieved of his duties, if he has any. Let him spend his final days writing works of fiction for a living and researching the meaning of the phrase ‘false witness.’

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